Industrial Automation: Systems and Control Panel Contract Manufacturers

With nearly 40 years experience, Harrison Pneumatics Ltd and HP Systems are one of the UK’s leading contract manufacturers of industrial automation solutions. Not just a pneumatics house we design and build electro-pneumatic control systems and purely electrical panels, subassemblies on back plates and bespoke manifold systems. We also engage in R&D, product development, warehouse and distribution and labelling and packaging development.

We provide contract manufacturing services & solutions for leading household and global names throughout industry sectors automotive, aerospace, utilities, pharmaceutical, energy, food & beverage, rail and leisure. Engineering solutions designed or built to meet your exact requirements. 

Over the years we have continuously pushed the boundaries and are always looking at ways not only to save our clients time and money but also to solve their problems and offer the best and most flexible service possible. We do this by consistently offering clients a manufacturing solution that meets their specific needs; reliable expertise, consistent high quality product, accessible UK based production, transparency and collaboration; a smart open facility where they can bring their customers to show work in progress, and you can also be sure that we do all this while minimising waste and emissions.


Why Choose Harrison Pneumatic Systems?

As one of the leaders in the manufacturing of control panels and electro pneumatic systems, clients choose us over many others due to in-depth and diverse sector knowledge, highly experienced staff, long standing partnerships, our ability to be flexible and our consistency of service.

We can also offer full supply chain solution, relieving you of that cost and hassle and above all we keep our prices competitive. In addition, we are also fully compliant with ISO9001:2015 – BSI and offer project management and commissioning of electrical install.

Our Strengths:

  • High Levels of stock
  • Next Day Delivery
  • Vast Product Range
  • Technical Expertise
  • Trusted online Seller
  • Excellent Value for Money
  • Excellent customer Service

Standing still is not an option in our industry,

we are continually looking at ways in which we can save our customers time and money by offering a complete manufacturing solution that is specific to their needs and creates optimum value. Our manufacturing capabilities include electrical, electronic, pneumatic, and mechanical skills in conjunction with design capabilities.

Four decades of experience

Britain is one of the world’s most innovative countries with talented engineers inventing the steam engine, the jet engine, the pneumatic tyre, the sewage system, and even hip replacements! Harrison Pneumatics own heritage is likewise driven towards a commitment to innovation and helping advance technology in a way that improves our lives whilst also protecting our planet.

Harrison Pneumatics started in Farnham in 1980, founded to provide pneumatic engineering servicing and pneumatic parts by a married couple working initially from a stable, Michael & Annie Harrison. Michael had been the first ever apprentice of Martonair which has since grown to be the huge global company known as Norgren or IMI Precision Engineering and Annie with a background in accounts and risk assessment had previously been involved with the engineering plans for the Euro tunnel. The business grew with primary contracts in Tilbury docks and GSK and then in the early 2000’s Michael Harrison broke his leg and his son Simon, who had been an engineer with IMI Norgren, came to fill his shoes. Simon’s expertise was control systems and panels both electrical and pneumatic, and so they incorporated this into the business, providing contract-manufacturing services.

In 2007 Michael Harrison retired and the business fell to Simon; the company increased its staff, employing highly skilled engineers, focusing on offering customised engineering solutions. In 2011 Simons wife, Clair, with a background in business strategy, development and online selling joined the business, and together they set about ambitious modernisation and plans for expansion, investing in bigger premises and plant, new technologies, commercialising the back office, and developing their supply chain, partnerships and brand success.

Launching its HP Systems division, Harrison Pneumatics has entered new markets with its own sales team and new partners. In 2017 we opened an office in Lichfield and in 2018 another large manufacturing facility in the South West was opened, along with warehouse and distribution centre with trade counter focused on selling the very products that we ourselves have always used in industrial applications. We are delighted to be adding to the economy in the South West; have employed more staff, including 3 young engineering apprentices, two of whom are female, proving our commitment to equality in engineering and to the future of the company. Our next goal is to become a B Corp certified company proving our commitment to our people, our localities and our planet.

What we do


The strategy of outsourcing with a sub contract manufacturing partner is a key decision for many organizations. Benefits can be significant in relation to quality, design improvements, costs, cash flow and ultimately risk. The question of desired internal core competences is a vital one, as is the consideration of areas of future investment. As more Companies accept that they need to maximize their focus and investment in specific areas of competence to compete globally, as does the need for true manufacturing partners that can compliment their own skills become increasingly important. HP Systems have a PROVEN track record in this area, with World leading OEMs, Industrials and Distributors.


By combining our various manufacturing disciplines, HP Systems is able to work closely with our customers to provide a solution that offers the optimum quality and added value.

HP Systems supply a preferred site team for installation and commissioning, giving you a reliable, flexible and professional representation on site and a results driven workforce to ensure results.

HP Systems is acknowledged as a preferred supplier in the manufacture of:

  • Electrical Assemblies
  • Bespoke turnkey systems
  • Electrical Control Panels
  • Electro-mechanical systems
  • Electro-pneumatic systems
  • Kitting and small assemblies
  • PLC based control panels