workshop essentials

Products you use often and consumables you need to have in stock, we can get to you with same day dispatch for orders placed before 12pm!

save on maintenance

Maintaining your equipment/factory/site will no doubt save you money, but buying the right products to begin with can save you more; the products we sell are far more robust in our experience than some other leading brands, standing up to hard work and challenging environments for much longer!

For installation and maintenance advice on specific products click here.

Any pneumatic system needs fittings and tubing in order to operate. The IMI accessory ranges sold here at Harrison Pneumatics include push-In, push on and compression fittings a favourite being pneufit C.

Other important accessory products that are easily forgotten but essential to your pneumatic system operating successfully include ball valves, blow guns, quick release couplings and exhaust silencers.

If you need help finding compatible pneumatic accessories contact our technical team for friendly support.