Engineering Solutions & Services

Using a wide range of industrial control systems we help build bespoke automated machines and lines. We also provide a cost-effective facility for the repeat supply of mechanical, electrical and pneumatic assemblies. Other services include cable loom assembly, kitting and machine refurbishment.

We support a range of sectors including Industrial automation, life science, high-pressure applications, food & beverage, power & utilities, mobile pneumatics and rail, and supply a host of UK International and local companies who export around the world.

HP Systems is a division of Harrison Pneumatics Ltd, founded in 1980. The company is located on the Riverside Industrial Estate in Farnham, Surrey and has second production facility in Devon UK

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Our Experience

We have been involved in the designing and manufacturing of bespoke automation equipment for over 30 years. When Harrison Pneumatics was originally formed in 1980, we were principally a system servicing and installation Company and the design and manufacture of industrial control systems quickly became an integral part of our business. We have gained a wealth of experience on a wide range of system types from the classic pneumatic drive and motion control, to PLC/SCADA, vision and data collection. 

The skills and capacity at Harrison Pneumatics gives reassurance that a project will be successfully delivered on time and on budget, no matter how challenging and our experienced team produce innovative, effective and reliable solutions.

Our Customers

We are a people first company and like to develop close working relationships with our customers to gain a deep understanding of their specialist manufacturing processes and the demands of their particular industry. With a better understanding of their requirements, we can provide a more effective solution and when you understand each other, you work harder to overcome challenges.

We have experience of providing controls systems for a broad range of industries including food, pharmaceutical, rail, power, automotive and service. We are proud to have a client base of international, market-leading companies and while it can be a tough job being at the end of the manufacturing line, we are proud to be regarded as a trusted gatekeeper.

The Complete Solution

We have all of the skills and services required to successfully complete a project. We offer a complete service, from an initial site visit, consultation, through to delivery, commission and on-going support. 

Why Choose a control panel from us?

The strategy of outsourcing with a sub contract manufacturing partner is a key decision for many organizations. Benefits can be significant in relation to quality, design improvements, costs, cash flow and ultimately risk. The question of desired internal core competences is a vital one, as is the consideration of areas of future investment.

As more Companies accept that they need to maximize their focus and investment in specific areas of competence to compete globally, as does the need for true manufacturing partners that can compliment their own skills become increasingly important. HP Systems have a PROVEN track record providing control systems and engineering solutions, with World leading OEMs, Industrials and Distributors.

Our Skills

Conceptual design

Depending on the application and complexity of the proposed project we can design in-house or we may, with your permission, choose to collaborate with IMI Precision Engineering to develop a concept at the proposal stage to achieve optimum performance, reliability and ergonomics within the budget available.

Once we receive the instruction to proceed, the concept will be evolved through the design stage. We will issue model drawings for review.

Mechanical design

For this SolidWorks 3D is the primary mechanical computer aided design tool. The mechanical design team is will be responsible for:

  • Creating the mechanical design pack for the equipment
  • Risk assessments
  • Design review meetings to achieve design approval
  • Liaising with build teams during the assembly and commissioning process
  • Generating supporting documentation

Control systems design

AutoCAD® Electrical is the primary control and fluid power computer aided design package. The technical design team is responsible for:

  • Creating electrical and pneumatic circuit design packs and the selection of suitable component parts
  • Design review meetings and achieving design approval
  • Risks identified by the risk assessment are designed out
  • Generating supporting documentation

A hard copy and electronic version of the finished design pack will be provided. Further PDF copies can be provided.


We support the four principle PLC types; Omron Electronics, Mitsubishi Electric, Rockwell/Allen Bradley and Siemens. We also have experience of various PC based solutions which are typically used for SCADA type applications or where it is necessary to store a large amount of data. The software team we collaborate with is responsible for:

  • Generating the PLC/HMI/PC software to the agreed specification, suitably commented and documented
  • Commissioning any sophisticated hardware (specialist drives, vision equipment etc.)
  • Uploading the software to the equipment and commissioning to a sequential state
  • Generating the equipment operating instructions

Project management

When an order is placed, key milestones are set-up. These typically include:

  • Design
  • Procurement
  • Assembly/Commissioning
  • Condition and Sign off
  • Shipment
  • And where required, management of install.

Customers are kept updated on these milestones weekly or more often if necessary.

Mechanical fitting and commissioning

The mechanical build team is responsible for:

  • Assembly of the equipment modules (prime movers and tooled parts)
  • Aligning the machine tooling and ensuring any moving elements operate effectively
  • Mechanically commissioning and conditioning the equipment
  • Agreeing any changes to component parts with the design team/assembly supervisor.

Any changes are electronically documented so the design pack is updated before the final documentation is released.

Systems build and integration

The systems build team is responsible for:

  • The mechanical layout of the control panels and wiring/piping
  • The installation of the control panel onto the machine/equipment, integrating wiring and piping
  • Machine power-up, IO checks and emergency stop network is working
  • Sign-off electrical checks and get the machine ready for software install

During assembly of the project, the build documentation acts as the ‘Master Set’. Any agreed changes or revisions are entered onto the drawings. On build completion the documentation set is passed back to the design office for the updates to be formally recorded before the release of final documentation.


    Any training in use of the machine is generally undertaken at our factory during the equipment sign-off trials.

    Follow-up training can be carried out at the customer’s site once the installation is complete.

    A more detailed training programme can be organised upon request.

    Installation and field service support

    We can offer management of the installation.

    The customer will generally locate the machine within their factory and provide the primary service connections (electrical/pneumatic/exhaust extract etc).

    Our engineers will then advise level off, check alignment, and supervise the power-up and re-commission the equipment before formally handing over to production.

    We can also provide on-going support contracts if required.

    Customized Solutions

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