What is an Actuator?

Pneumatic cylinders are sometimes referred to as pneumatic actuators or pneumatic drives. These products are used to provide force and motion to applications in industrial automation. The IMI ranges available from Harrison Pneumatics of both single acting cylinders and double acting cylinders and their accessories offer a comprehensive and sound choice for your needs.

There is a huge choice at Harrison Pneumatics; IMI Norgren pneumatic cylinders range from compact cylinders to heavy duty cylinders, rodless cylinders to roundline cylinders.

Harrison Pneumatics Best Actuator Review
For energy saving, consider the IVAC, if you are concerned about corrosion then look at the stainless steel actuators which are corrosive resistant. These products come with a huge range of accessories to support their application including solid state switches, reed switches and one the biggest range of industrial actuator mountings on the market today. Tried and tested in our own manufacturing of industrial control systems, we recommend IMI Norgren pneumatic cylinders.