Responsible Business

Our corporate responsibility to society

As a globally serving business, Harrison Pneumatics knows it does not exist in isolation. What we do as a designer and contract manufacturer of quality industrial automation equipment and as trusted Distributor of fluid and motion control products, has an impact on the wider world.

Our employees depend on our business success, while the local communities where we manufacture, our customers and our suppliers are all impacted by what we do in one way or another. The environment too is impacted by the way we make and distribute our products.

At Harrison Pneumatics & HP Systems, we show corporate social responsibility (CSR) by managing our business structure & process so that we have an overall positive impact on society. We know that taking a responsible line as a business benefits everyone: employees, customers, the environment as well as our own bottom line.

Strategic CSR Roadmap
In early 2019, we implemented our first full CSR audit in order to create a strategic roadmap building on the many individual environmental, work related and local community initiatives already underway. This has resulted in Harrisons first CSR Report to be published later this year, along with our results from our B Impact Assessment (BIA) and hopefully certification as a B Corporation.
Harrison Pneumatics & HP systems have recently sent off the paperwork to sign up to the United Nations Global Compact, an initiative for businesses committed to align their operations and strategies with ten universally accepted principles concerning human rights, labour, environment and anti-corruption. We fully endorse the Global Compact’s practical framework for the development, implementation and disclosure of sustainability policies and practices, all designed to help advance sustainable business models and markets.

Our Workforce Is A Quality Cornerstone
We believe our workforce is a key cornerstone of our quality commitment to our customers. With manufacturing & distribution facilities throughout the UK Harrison Pneumatics & HP systems respects the rights of its employees to be represented by trade unions and practices a policy of transparency. Harrison Pneumatics is an equal opportunities company and actively encourages zero discrimination for any reason, sex, age, religion and so on. We believe wholeheartedly in providing on going training programs, from health and safety to language courses and new technologies. More than that we appreciate that employees spend a lot of their life with us and we want them to feel their opinions and voices are heard, their contributions are valued and that we care about their wellbeing in every way.

Supporting Our Local Communities
We deeply respect the support that Harrison Pneumatics is given by our local communities. In return, we do all we can to have a positive influence beyond providing economic support. For example, in the South West we make a powerful contribution to enhancing the life of local residents of Devon & Cornwall by actively contributing to Greenpeace and SAS (Surfers against Sewage), through company beach cleans, signing petitions, making eco bricks and eliminating plastic from our packaging, offices and factories wherever possible. We also commit to charity funding walks to raise money in support of The North Devon Hospice, and we encourage local engineering colleges to visit us for free support, advice and placements